Harris TGS215 A Baler.
Harris TGS215 A Baler. Harris TGS215 A Baler.

Harris TGS215 A Baler.

Manufacturer: Harris

Harris TGS215 A Baler. Press Box: 50" wide x 39" high; Charging Box/ Opening: 50" wide x 40" high x 1222" long; Bale Size: 16" x 16"; Baling Cycle: 48 seconds (approx); Main Motors: 2 x 125 HP; Pumps: 4 x 60 GPM Vickers;

1st Compression Cylinder: 10" Bore 83 Tons; 2nd Compression Cylinder: 20" Bore 340 Tons; 3rd Compression Cylinder : 20" 340 Ton; Bale Dorr Cylinder: 8" Bore 54 Tons; Gross Weight 59 Tons

Machine completely refurbished to high specification; all cylinders fitted with new seals, teflons and blades; New electrical panel and pushbutton; Machine body and hydraulic unit completely rewired including new Limit Switches. Hydraulic Tank completely refurbished - New pumps, Directional Valves, Hoses etc. 1x new cooler

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